Strategic Resources Group

As a niche firm focused solely on B2B software, Arrowroot has developed an extensive array of resources available to its portfolio companies. Led by Clem O’Donnell, Arrowroot’s in-house Strategic Resources Group (SRG) is designed to serve as an extension to our management teams and supplement their domain knowledge by helping achieve accelerated, capital efficient growth by optimizing initiatives across Sales & Marketing, Human Capital & Recruiting, Technology & Operations, Customer Success, M&A, and Business Development.



Arrowroot’s in-house Sales & Marketing team collaborates with management to drive revenue by optimizing sales growth acceleration, enhancing go-to-market strategies, creating market-leading positions by uncovering new markets and growth opportunities and implementing sales and marketing best practices. 


Key Initiatives

  • Process and KPI metric implementation

  • Sales team design, structure, and go-to-market strategy

  • Growth architecture with prioritization and timing of key hires

  • Sales operations, systems, and technologies

  • Lead generation and marketing automation

  • Pipeline and sales funnel development

  • Channel development and effectiveness

  • Brand development

  • Pricing and contract optimization

  • Market definitions, segmentation, and targeting

  • Product marketing

  • Compensation programs and incentive programs

  • Territory planning and account coverage

  • Identification of new market opportunities



Arrowroot’s in-house Human Capital team collaborates with management teams to facilitate organizational growth by aligning strategic business objectives with infrastructure (people and process) and providing boots for on-the-ground recruiting, building high caliber teams and freeing management to focus on revenue-generating activities.


Key Growth Initiatives:

  • Organization structure optimization for scale

  • Full lifecycle recruiting

  • Sales and engineering team scaling in high-demand roles and geographies

  • Executive and Board recruitment for key leadership roles

  • Compensation benchmarking and incentive programs

  • Culture development

  • Employer and employee brand engagement

  • Incentive structures and benefit design

  • Employee retention and performance management

  • Vendor selection and strategic partnerships



Arrowroot’s Technology & Operations team works with company leadership to ensure that the platform can scale with the business and that potential impediments to growth in the areas of development, infrastructure, and support are effectively addressed.


Key Growth Initiatives:

  • Team development, expansion, and outsourcing strategies focused on operational efficiency

  • Best practices in product development processes to improve quality and velocity

  • Consultative support and recommendations in key areas for platform scalability

  • Assessment and input on strategies for hosting, business continuity, monitoring, and security

  • Vendor referrals and vetting for consultants, staff augmentation, and managed services

  • Planning for team integration and product migrations, driven by the retirement of legacy platforms and M&A

  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring with recommendations for KPI's, reporting, and 3rd party review



With the goal of helping portfolio companies proactively engage with their customers to drive utilization and value realization, Arrowroot's Customer Success team provides operational and execution support to help ensure customer engagement and retention. 


Key Growth Initiatives:

  • Standardization around key metrics and KPI's

  • Change of Sponsor tracking early detection systems

  • Account Management team design and coverage

  • Renewal rate analysis and churn reduction

  • Customer lifecycle planning and touch plans

  • Closed-loop surveys

  • User conference and voice-of-customer strategies

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell management

  • Renewals management

  • Technology and process automation

  • Quarterly business reviews



Arrowroot provides Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Development support post-deal to enable additional growth opportunities and access to new markets, while ensuring a smooth integration into the combined company.


Key Growth Initiatives:

  • Add-on acquisition sourcing and negotiation

  • Geographic expansion planning

  • Integration planning and execution

  • Product alignment

  • Brand integration

  • Organizational design

  • Cross-portfolio ecosystem and collaboration

  • Channel partnership expansion

  • Favorable financing arrangements